Lounge room live concerts


1. How can I use my ticket?

If you are already registered for an account

Login here. Then, go to the event page, click "Watch now". You should be able to watch the stream you have ticket for.

If you are not yet registered

To make it easier for you, we allow joining an event with Email, First name and Last name details on your ticket.
Though it would be recommended to create an account.
Note that emails that have already registered with a password will no longer be able to use this method.

Please access The join event page

Fill in the details that matching the details on your ticket
Event ID: ID of the event that you are going to watch
Email Address: your email address
First Name: your first name on the ticket
Last Name: your last name on the ticket

In case you have forgotten your first name and last name, please go to Sign up, register an account with the email you have used for the ticket. You will be able to get into the events without having to type in first name and last name.

Using the link on invoice to prefill your information

After finishing the payment process, you will see a screen with "Click here to access ..." If you click on that link. It will take you back to Lounge room live concerts with prefill details for the event of the ticket, together with all the information you need to log into the event.

If you have lost the link to that screen, for new invoices, you should be able to see an "Access your purchases" button on the invoice. Clicking on that will take you back on your ticket link.

2. Why can't I open more than one browser to watch an event?

This may be because you can only have one active session open at any one time.

3. What is the best way to watch the live stream? Can I watch it on my TV?

The best way is on a computer or tablet that has good wifi connection. You may be also able to connect your device to your Smart TV.




4. I am having trouble clicking through from the LOUNGEROOM LIVE website to the ticket site.

It may mean that a lot of people are trying to purchase tickets at that time. We suggest you wait a while before trying again. As the event draws closer it will be busier, so we suggest you purchase early to avoid any issues.

5. Why is the streaming of concerts sometimes interrupted?

This is usually to do with your Internet connection, so make sure you have a good connection and/or consider using an ethernet cable to minimise any interruptions.

If you experience repeated problems with the broadcasts, please contact us by email at "loungeroomlivevirtualconcerts@gmail.com"

6. What are the internet requirements?

Your broadband internet connection should not be less than 10.000 kbit/s (recommended: 15.000 kbit/s or higher yield). Here is a good way to check.https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/Speed-Test

7. Do "LoungeRoom Live" events meet the current COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Australian Government?

FESTIVAL HALL is a large venue & equal to 1400 square metres, meaning that musicians are able to perform the required 2m apart, which meets the current Federal Government workplace physical distancing guidelines.